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It's Not Personal

It's Business


The Consulting Firm is a cooperative of highly experienced senior consultants with complementing fields of expertise within strategy, leadership, performance and business transformation. We offer both strong individual capabilities as well as the collective expertise of a high performance team.

​During our 50+ years of combined experience in Management Consulting we have developed leadership teams, transformed organizations and strengthened business models across all industries.

We understand that only few business problems are solved using solely financial, operational or technological instruments. True business transformation incorporates the human element at its core and begins with the people on top. This is why we take business personal.


Building relationships is at the heart of The Consulting Firm’s raison d'être. However, the key relationships are not the ones we build with our customers or with each other. The most important relationships are those we facilitate internally in the organizations we work with.

We believe that the biggest barrier to success in strategy, leadership and performance is a lack of trust between people. Trusting relationships between manager and employee, customer and supplier and between functional departments are crucial prerequisites for business success. Building trust, strengthening communication and facilitating stronger relationships constitute the foundation of our value proposition.


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