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Strategy is about decisions

Execution is about people


The strategy should always aim at making the company move. Move in a specific direction. Move into a better and more sustainable position. Strategy without translation into operational actions is a day dream. And action without purpose and strategic link can be a nightmare.

Strategy execution is all about increasing the speed of transformation. Many elements can slow down execution but only a few critical factors fuel the execution power. The strategy sets the direction for people but the vital issue is really to create buy-in and make people understand the urgency and necessity. For this to happen leaders must be able to ‘translate’ the strategy into both meaningful and specific actions with clear accountabilities and a clear ‘line of sight’ to the strategy for all involved parties.


However, clear direction and meaningful translation will not do the job alone. Successful strategy execution also requires the right capabilities, clear roles and mandates. All leaders must be qualified to lead the way and install new behaviors and ways of working. They must be able to provide prompt and fair rewards or unfiltered feedback if deliverables are not met. 


Last but not least the momentum and results must be transparent for all involved parties in the strategy execution. It adds both speed and commitment when everybody knows who is accountable for what, how are we doing and what have we achieved. We use the strategy aid platform to ensure transparency


Execution AID is a cloud-based IT tool for planning and executing strategy on a corporate level.

The platform reduces complexity and allows a streamlined and  efficient strategy execution process with clear accountability and visibility across functional silos.

The simplicity of the platform creates a clear line of sight from team deliverable all the way to the overarching strategic aspiration

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